Not Sure If You Have Leaks in Your Greer or Greenville, SC Property?

Call Superior Plumbing Services to perform a leak detection

Do you hear water dripping in your home or business but can't find the source? Hire Superior Plumbing Services to examine your pipes for you. Our team handles slab and pipe leaks that have been caused by age, tree roots and other factors. We use special detection equipment to locate leaks. If we find any, we'll take care of them before they cause other problems.

Schedule your leak detection appointment in Greer and Greenville, SC or the surrounding areas by contacting us today.

How to look out for leaks

How to look out for leaks

There are six telling signs that you should call Superior Plumbing to conduct a leak inspection for your home or business:

  1. Sounds of rushing water inside your property
  2. Hot or cold spots inside your wall or floor
  3. Mold growth or water stains on your wall or ceiling
  4. A sudden spike in your water bill
  5. Standing water around your foundation
  6. Bubbling water or sinkholes in your yard
If you're experiencing any of these issues, call us right away. We'll repair your pipes before they cause further damage to your property.

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