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Tired of toilets flushing slow? Has a septic company informed you your drain fields could be compromised? Is your sink or garbage disposal not syphoning as they used to? When these types of issues happen they need to be addressed as soon as possible.
If plunging and or snaking have not relieved your issues, it is time to call a professional. Superior Plumbing Services are here to take the worry out of your day.

Sewer Services

Causes of Sewer and Drain Problems

Slow drains can be caused by several different issues. Roots, grease, soap and hair are some of the more common causes of sewer and drain problems. Roots can penetrate through drain and sewer lines making it difficult for your system to work efficiently. Soap builds up in shower drains and can cling to the walls of drain pipes constricting the normal flow of water through your lines. Grease should never be poured into your drains as it solidifies in your drains and creates messy clogs that might even need to be jetted. We offer numerous options to make sure your sewer and drains flow freely.

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Not only do we service sewer and drain lines, but we install them as well. We manage everything from drain field inspections to bypassing your septic tank all together and running a new sewer line to your local municipal sewer (if available) For all your sewer and drain needs, call us today at 864-438-0599 and set an appointment to have your sewer and drains cleaned by the best. Protect you home and business with Superior.