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What to Look for in a Plumbing Service

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It’s In the Reviews: Expert Tips on Finding the Right Plumber

So it’s time to find a plumber. Where do you start? One of the go-to choices for potential plumbing service customers is reading online reviews. It can be reassuring to see what verified customers have to say about a company’s work. It can also be a chance to see how a company interacts with its online communities. You don’t have to read through hundreds of reviews to find the right plumber, though. We’re to walk you through exactly what to look for.

Reliability and Timeliness

Two of the most important things to look for in a plumbing service are their reliability and timeliness. Ideally, you want to find a plumber that you can call for problems big and small going forward. Reviews can help you judge a company’s trustworthiness and how quickly they respond to urgent problems.

Look for reviews that mention repeat customers, fast service and emergency responses:

“I have used [them] a couple of times and have been extremely happy with their service. One problem they quickly fixed. I contacted two other local plumbing companies to repair the issue, but they were both unable to fix the problem. Brian figured out what was going on and repaired it very quickly and for a very reasonable price. Plumbing repair is never cheap but worth it when they know what they are doing. The other was an emergency flooding pipe, and Brian and his assistant got there quickly, turned the water off, and repaired the leak.  He even showed my wife where the main cutoff was for the next emergency. I will always recommend them.” -Tom M.

Transparent Pricing

No one wants to hire a plumber for one thing and be hit with a massive bill at the end of the service. Reputable plumbers are trained to assess risks and overcome obstacles as they arise. They should also keep you informed as project scopes and timelines change, as they may affect the price.

Look for reviews that talk specifically about pricing and communication:

“Brian came out for minor things and then realized I had a slab leak. Thank goodness he was knowledgeable and caught the real problem. [They] worked me in quite fast for such a time-consuming job. Brian worked quickly and kept me up to speed on pricing and options as he went along. I honestly thought my bathroom/walls where he rerouted piping were going to be in shambles after he left. But no, he left it where you could barely tell he had been there. He was wonderful!” – Brooke F.

Expertise and Professionalism

Most homeowners only want to hire a plumber for a job that can’t be done DIY. Most plumbing companies will use advanced tools and diagnostic methods to solve a problem. They should also have the expertise to diagnose and communicate the problem with accuracy before getting to work.

Look for reviews that mention professional equipment and diagnostic skills:

“Great experience! Really appreciate the time that Zach and Jeff spent diagnosing our slow drain problem including video inspection and hydro-jetting. I especially appreciate that they took the time to do the video inspection to determine exactly where the problem was before attempting to repair [it]. All prices for the work done were quoted upfront so that there were no surprises and the prices charged were reasonable for the work done. [I] also appreciate the extra time Zach took to patiently answer all my questions!” – Vin R.

Customer Service & Education

You want a plumber who takes the time to keep you informed and guarantee your satisfaction. As professionals, part of their job is equipping you with the knowledge you need to make educated decisions. They should also answer any questions you have about services, solutions and prevention.

Look for reviews that show positive customer interactions and education:

“Arrived at the time they said they would. Truly a quality plumbing service. Gave me multiple choices to resolve my issue and made sure I understood all my choices. I will be using them again.” Ryan T.

Overall Quality

While short reviews can tell you a lot, longer reviews can often tell an entire story. Customers who take the time to leave long reviews generally cover the entire service interaction. These reviews can give you a good idea of what to expect from the time you call to the time the crew cleans up. Longer reviews give a sense of the quality of the work as a whole, as well as how satisfied the customer was when the job was finished.

Look for reviews that tell a story, including problems and how the plumbers tackled them:

“About a month ago, I discovered, to my horror, that my shower had been slowly leaking behind the tiles. The whole wall was water-damaged and was growing mold on the inside.

We have always disliked our bathroom. The shower was tiny and ugly. Jeff and his team took out the old, damaged shower and the wall, made a new wall, expanded out the shower, replaced the floor with vinyl plank, and replaced/moved the toilet. We LOVE our new bathroom. The tile work is amazing and so much prettier than our old shower, the floor is a dramatic improvement, and the entire room feels more pleasant.

The price for this whole operation was reasonable, the work happened ahead of schedule, [and] every day they cleaned up after being there. Everyone we interacted with was kind and pleasant. The whole experience was surprisingly good.

This was actually the second time we used Superior Plumbing–the first time was when we bought the house and they replaced all of our polybutylene pipes. When I was doing quotes for this project, I searched through my emails to find them again because I remember being happy with their work the first time. Highly recommend.” – Erin E.

Don’t Just Look for 5-Stars

Unfortunately, no company will have 5 stars across the board. It’s easy enough to respond to a glowing review, but how companies respond to 1-star reviews is just as important. If you come across a bad review, it’s important to put it in perspective. How many total reviews does the company have? Are there recent reviews? Did they respond to the upset customer and resolve the issue?

Reviews can make or break a business. They also present an opportunity for the business to respond appropriately and offer a resolution. When looking for a plumbing company, consider all the reviews you’ve read as your neighbor’s honest feedback on their work.

Where to Find Reviews

Online reviews can be found in many places. Companies generally have listings on multiple sites to establish a strong presence. Here are just a few places you can find reviews for plumbing services:

What to Do If a Plumbing Company Has No Reviews

Finding a plumbing company without reviews doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t reputable. Here are some steps to take to assess their reliability:

If a company meets these criteria, it may still be a good choice even without online reviews. It’s always important to perform due diligence, especially when the available information is limited.

Superior Plumbing Services Makes the Choice Easy

Finding a reputable plumber in the Greer, SC, area doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team is backed by 5-star reviews that make it easy to know you’re in good hands. From repairs and replacements to fast help for emergencies, we have you covered.

Contact our team online today or call 864-438-0599 for plumbing services!

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